I intend to go back through the Fighting Fantasy series one by one, in order, and document my progress here. I’ll be raiding eBay, charity shops, wherever I can to get the old books. Then I’ll talk through my experience of the book as well as any specific memories the book presents to me from when I first read it in my younger days. I don’t claim to be an expert on the books, I’ll probably learn a few things on the way myself, I’m sure there is a wealth of information out there already if you want to know the nitty gritty. This is just a personal account of a fan who wants to conduct an experiment.

The full story…

Also, I will only be collecting the original, ‘zig-zag’ or ‘dragon’ cover editions of the 80’s-90’s. The 2000 re-published Wizard or Shield editions are not being considered.


20 thoughts on “About

  1. Alex says:

    Welcome to the world of FF blogging!

  2. Paul says:

    Be ready for a frustrating fight through ‘creature of havoc’.
    Very interesting read, but a tough one to crack (very dependent on taking certain paths early on). Wont ruin it for you with any details, but i will have to return to this when you start on it.

  3. Jason says:

    Wow, I remember Steve Jackson’s Sorcery as a kid in the 80’s.

    Think I’ll read your Sorcery adventure just for the rose tinted nostalgia.

  4. Justin Chang says:

    Hello! Is there anywhere that you could just buy all 59 of the original series? I have just found out about Fighting Fantasy and would love to read them!

  5. Osharlequin says:

    Greetings! No this isn’t spam! I thought you’d like to know I’ve nominated you for the Liebster award. Go to http://worldofharley.wordpress.com/2014/01/27/aghast-a-mysterious-nomination/ for details! 🙂

  6. khinjarsi says:

    I collected whatever copies of these I could get my hands on. I still have them somewhere. Now I’m not so keen to get rid of them. Now, where did I store them? Here, have a new follower!

  7. Mystikleez says:

    Greetings FFP. A very fine quest you’ve undertaken. I can recall Warlock of Firetop Mountain coming out and there being some kind of green screen reconstruction of the opening sequences on ITV – may have been ‘The Book Tower’ with Dr. Who favourite Tom Baker. Sorcery! was an amazing sequence of adventures, definitely one of my favourites. Well done on ‘Creature of Havoc’ – I had to translate the text on a camping holiday with two sides of blank A4 paper and a cheap ballpoint pen running out of ink. Happy times! I’ve enjoyed reading all of your reviews – if you enjoyed ‘City of Thieves’, have a return trip to Port Blacksand with ‘Midnight Rogue’, that’s a hearty recommendation to you. Oh – and you weren’t the only one to grab a copy of ‘Riddling Reaver’ without knowing what it was actually all about!
    May YOU find great adventure and riches in all of Allansia, Khul and the Old World..oh and in space too but we don;t really mention those!
    Stay safe brave adventurer!

  8. Angry Monk says:

    I have a question: could you use the same character created in Wizard of Firetop Mountain in the other books. I want to start a character and keep him going through the FF books that I have collected.

    • You could, but there aren’t any official rules that support that way of playing so you’d have to fudge it together yourself. The Sorcery series does exactly what you want though, taking a character across multiple books, so get hold of them if you haven’t already!

  9. Angry Monk says:

    OK, just finished playing The Warlock of Firetop Mountain. Easier than I expected except that damn maze! I admit I had to cheat and look for a map out of the maze. I guess the descriptions of the halls are intentionally befuddling. Onto The Citadel of Chaos!

  10. Pal Togue says:

    I’ve just discovered your blog, how did I not know about it before?! Fantastic, many hours of pleasant reading ahead, thank you.

  11. kljindra says:

    This is such a great idea! Love the blog, hope you don’t get through all the books too soon!

  12. Hey, I was wondering where you got your images for the artwork? All my scans a very low res and I was hoping to find some higher quality ones for my FF creative writing. Thanks in advance.

  13. Simon Forrester says:

    I’ve been glued to your blog from start to finish, I especially enjoyed “Creature of Havoc” as I never completed it.
    Please continue your adventures through Titan, I’m really enjoying your tongue in cheek comments!

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