Seas of Blood – Part 2

Instead of allowing worms to eat my brain and goodness knows what else, I left the corpses below the Rocs nest well alone this time and carried on down the tunnel to see if I could find my way back to the ship. Given the fact I’d just taken quite a beating from a giant bird, I could use a rest. Sadly, I wouldn’t be allowed to have a sit down and a biscuit just yet as something had just grabbed me by the neck. Swiping out with my sword I connected and heard a squeal, and although I couldn’t see anything, I was in combat with an Invisible Stalker. I’ll forgive the absence of an illustration for this foe. Due to the invisible nature of my opponent, for the duration of this fight I had to deduct my Skill by 2. It wasn’t that strong though at 7/6, and I managed to kill it, or at least make it run away, but still took a couple of hits. I had two clear options for progressing, edging along a ledge which climbed upwards along the side of the cavern or a set of rough-hewn steps carved out of the rock, leading down.

Descending the stairs for some time I began to see light at the bottom, not from the sun though, but from four Troglodytes carrying a heavy looking chest through the gloom. An opportunistic boulder lay by the steps and doing some simple 2+2=4 maths, I prised that boulder into rolling down the stairs and crushing the Troglodytes against the stairs. Within the chest they carried was exactly 100 gold which I struggled to carry through a side-entrance to the caverns out into the forests of Roc. As luck would have it I bumped into a few of my crew members who were out scouring the island for me and was taken back to the Banshee for a triumphant welcome.

One option for my next destination involved me visiting something called the Dead City, so I obviously decided that was where I would be heading. Four days later, we arrived at the Kish Delta that led up towards the Dead City, we sailed up the mouth of one of the delta rivers at night. A Luck test at this point was failed though and we managed to hit a sand-bar, became stranded and were soon captured by Kishian soldiers from a nearby garrison. I didn’t realise we were even doing anything wrong, let alone that I wouldn’t get the chance to fight back if I was! My adventure was over!

So let’s say we passed that Luck test shall we? Good stuff! Lucky old me, passing the Luck test. It didn’t seem that I could actually get any further though, the river passed between walls of the city of Kish and a huge chain ran across the water, preventing any ships from getting past. Given my last experience with these people I decided to cut my losses and turn around back to sea. That was both fun and an excellent use of my time. We head South!

sob 016

Five days later, heading south of Shurrupak, towards Nippur, a supernatural freezing fog began to settle around the ship and before us floated a huge mountain of ice. We were lucky enough not to collide with any of the floating icebergs, but it looked like somebody else hadn’t done quite so well as a fairly large galleon was stuck stranded on the ice ahead. Approaching to see what salvage we could grab we disembarked and climbed through the ice towards the wrecked ship, a valley in the ice blocked our progress and so we moved up around the sides. As luck might have it though, we were not the only ones here looking for our pound of flesh.

sob 012

Now that’s more like it! A ferocious looking Ice Beast (9/10) was scavenging on the bodies of the ships crew and was able to take a sizeable 10 Stamina off me before I could kill it. Disappointingly, there was no stash of gold hidden that I could find, but I did manage to discover a jeweled ring, inscribed on one side was a riddle, ‘Where in Albion would you find that which lies between above and below?’. And on the other side was presumably the answer, ‘At the end, next to yourself’. Cool.

Supplies were running low and we’d need to find more if we were to reach Nippur, ignoring the islands of Kazallu, I wanted to go and check out the Three Sisters islands, possibly because it reminded me of the wonderful Sunless Sea. After four days the islands came into view and we could identify the nature of the three islands, one volcanic, one palm-covered and one simply described as being ‘neat’. The neat looking island was so called due to the neatly tended fields and huts that we could see, so that seemed like a good place to go to get food. The natives there seemed very happy to see us, god knows why, but they did. Inviting us into their primitive village an evening of exuberant partying commenced, food and drink-a-plenty, we eventually all collapsed from exhaustion.

sob 014

Then things went a little bit ‘Hostel’ as we awoke in a cage. As a result of another failed Luck test that is where we stayed. The village elders came to speak to us, we learned that the island was sacred to its people and that nobody who had seen it could be allowed to live. Bowmen approached the cage and my crew and I were all shot dead where we lay. My adventure was, again, over.


2 thoughts on “Seas of Blood – Part 2

  1. A.M. Pietroschek says:

    Admirable work nonetheless! Even with book time doesn’t allow to read.

  2. mcdwarf says:

    Brilliant – and very funny – write up. Nice one. I hated this book – it put me off FF at the time.

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