Out of the Pit 2! Beyond the Pit, a Kickstarter Project

I absolutely love Out of the Pit, a superb ‘toilet book’. I don’t think I ever gave it any coverage here, but it was picked up from eBay some time ago and I repeatedly go back to it to check something in my playthroughs or just simply to soak up some monster information.




It seems a sequel is brewing over on good old Kickstarter!



Now the book is already written and within two days it’s already reached a third of it’s goal! I’ve pledged for my copy, here’s a link for you to go and get yours organised…


I will be badgering you again about this, oh yes.



You Are The Hero!

We failed last time with Turn to 400 (for now at least… go register your interest for a 2nd attempt next year!) but you maggots have a chance to redeem yourselves with You Are the Hero, a Fighting Fantasy history book project being funded by Kickstarter. Go give them some money, please!

Turn to 400 – The Fighting Fantasy Documentary Film

I imagine that if you’re entrenched enough in Fighting Fantasy at the moment to have actually found your way to my humble little blog or Twitter feed that you may already have noted the existence of this, but I figure I can either a.) bring it to your attention or b.) get you to contribute to the project!

Turn to 400 is a Fighting Fantasy documentary that is in the works by a man named Sean Riley, being funded by Kickstarter, who we in the games community should be forever thankful to for making Project Eternity happen. This project needs your contributions! Tweet about it, get on their Facebook page, let people know this is out there!

You need to click here to give them your money. Be all like…