The Rings of Kether – Conclusions

The Rings of Kether was an annoying book, it was so close to being quite decent but ended up being a chore to read thanks to some fairly poor story development. I touched upon some of my issues from within my read-through, it was quite obvious where the flaws were coming up as I was reading it. My comments are of course made with the caveat that I understand I have only seen one path through the book, but it felt very much like I would have got to the end of the story regardless of what decisions I made.

ROK 001

At its heart this is a sci-fi detective story, and so the detective work is crucial to making this story exciting and engaging. So why, back in that bar at the very start did I have to choose who to talk to through the roll of a dice? Why couldn’t I make a judgement of who was in the bar myself? It all went wrong from there really, I was bumbling along from one place to the next, following a woman into the city night for absolutely no reason whatsoever, just hoping that she might possibly be connected to a drugs cartel. It was very much just a chain of locations, one after the other without any input from me.

What could have saved this was a little puzzle solving, some need for me to assess evidence myself rather than being shuffled along to the next clue. A few red herrings would have been interesting too, again perhaps I missed this, but what if I’d chased down the wrong man or got caught out and faced some instant-death ‘my adventure was over’ endings’?

My write-up came only to two entries as this really was such an easy book with so little to describe, our bad guys were given almost no time at all and posed even less challenge to defeat. The same could be said for a lot of the combat, especially given that you find a blaster that does 6 Stamina damage at the start of the story, not that there is much combat. That goes for the underused space combat too, which I believe I only encountered once. Having said that though, I can understand and even welcome a reduced emphasis on combat when I’m supposed to be a detective and not a killing machine, but when there’s so little detective work to do it gives you an itchy trigger finger.

Artwork wasn’t something that elevated the experience either, that laboratory illustration still puzzles me, I don’t even really know what it’s supposed to depict. Where are the bubbling chemicals and arcing electricity? There were some more exciting ones though, the weird tripedal alien was something this book desperately needed more of, and there were some cool looking things I managed to miss. More space combat was out there if I’d made other choices…

ROK 005

As were robotic dogs.

ROK 016

A couple of crazy illustrations caught my eye as I flipped around the book too, although they look like they belong in a very different story!

ROK 006

ROK 009

I’d especially loved to know what the hell that second one is about!

Then there are some film-star cameos, who I believe have gone uncredited to this day…

ROK 012

Mark Hammil.

ROK 004

Kevin Smith.

ROK 018

And Bill Murray, who is clearly as tired of this book as I am. All in all, not quite as bad as Space Assassin, but very nearly so.


4 thoughts on “The Rings of Kether – Conclusions

  1. Argentbadger says:

    I really enjoyed reading your thoughts on these books. I was a fan of the Fighting Fantasy books in my youth, though I think they’ve long since been given away now. It is odd how entertaining it can be reading about someone else reading a book!

  2. Blacknight says:

    I can’t even begin to count the ways of just how awesome your blog is!!!! I love reading it stoned!!!!! And the fact that you scan all the pics in high-quality – mindblowing!!!!!! I’m 12 years old again!!!

  3. I try to under each photo was a description, so that all created a story. On the other hand, the long descriptions probably no one would want to read. It seems to me that the most interesting and so are the pictures. Descriptions have just put them in context. Well, except that I try to be a little tongue in cheek VN: F [1.9.7_1111] please wait … VN: F [1.9.7_1111] (from 0 votes)

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