Hidden artifacts stashed within an Oxfam shop

Just a small morsel for you to nibble on before the next book comes up, something I found a long time ago in an Oxfam book shop. A small crop of titles I already owned were on the shelves, but I do love to see if there is anything written on the adventure sheets so I had a look inside. What I found was that the owner of these books had left in a hand drawn map for City of Thieves as well as his own inventory sheets for City of Thieves, Forest of Doom and Space Assassin!


Much better than the kind of crap I churn out! Seems he had some great luck on rolling his main stats too 😉






2 thoughts on “Hidden artifacts stashed within an Oxfam shop

  1. Angry Monk says:

    Thanks for the review. Very enjoyable.

  2. Anthony says:

    Just looking for pics of missing books when I came across your site. I’m on a similar quest to collect all the green spine puffin ff books. Started this summer and found 12 so far including Crypt of the Sorcerer that I found today! Good Luck! These were a big part of my boyhood.

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