Space Assassin – Part Three

It was time to break out a Gravity Bomb. Having made my way past the giant guard, I was left with three doors to pick from, the middle one required me to blow it open with a Gravity Bomb, so being the most exciting option, that was where I went. What I found was a small room full of blobs.

sa 002


These floating black spheres drifted about the room, touching nothing and giving away nothing about their ‘intent’. Not being in possession of the Pan-Dimensional Homing Device the text asked about, I took a risk and just walked straight across the room to the door on the other side. I held my breath and walked onwards, finding that the spheres happily drifted out of my way, allowing me to proceed unhindered.

My next obstacle was a long, high hallway, along each side of which were a series of pedestals displaying a variety of metal creatures, sadly accompanied by no illustrations. In total there were eight of them arranged in pairs and as I approached the first, they slowly came to life t0 face me. ‘The moon is red, the sky is pink‘, said a metal bird. ‘Which is faster, light or time?‘, asked it’s friend. Astutely I offered the correct answer of time. A second set of unidentified creatures asked, ‘Up is up and down is down, but do they really exist or are they ghosts?‘. As they are relative, I chose to answer that they are not and progressed onto the next two. ‘Hey you, helmet-head! Where are you going?‘, they asked, to which I responded with the truth, that I was off to find Cyrus. Perfectly happy with that answer, they allowed me to move onto the final two flanked two identical doors. Taking me back to the two door-knockers in Labyrinth, they argued about their integrity, ‘The right door is the one you want‘, ‘Don’t listen to him, he lies‘, ‘Only sometimes‘… I chose the right one and that led me to a long room occupied by two robot Sentinels who instantly opened fire on me.

sa 009


You may remember that back at the start of this book, I read up on some robotics? Well it came out to be a good decision as I gained 1 point of damage to my attacks in the subsequent combat, which was a little tougher than previous encounters with the pair being at 8/9.

Another call-back to early on in the adventure came into play as these Sentinels were guarding the door to the bridge, and on the bridge was of course the ships pilot.

sa 019


I’ve been looking forward to chatting with such an interesting person‘, said the very shiny robot who was apparently flying this thing. Engaging me in conversation, the pilot tried to get me to discuss consciousness and some other abstract ideas, but bearing in mind what I had been warned earlier, I repeatedly said I didn’t know. Dismissing me as boring, the pilot let me continue on my way. Three doors were available to me now, I chose the one marked ‘COMPUTER’ and took the opportunity to start blasting stuff! It could lead the ship to crash, killing billions on the planet below, but hey-ho, I had my fun.

A door led off from the wrecked computer systems and led me into what I thought was an illustration that could have been intended for House of Hell or some other spooky-house story.

sa 012

No, this wasn’t the Earl of Drumer cherry partner or somesuch, this was Cyrus. ‘Er… welcome, can I offer you a drink?‘, he asked, startled and surprised to be confronted by something non-robotic or experimented upon. I had no time for his nonsense, I just wanted this book… I mean this assassination to be over! I moved straight in for the kill, but he motioned for mercy and asked me to play one hand of cards with him. Trying to grab him, he tried a different strategy and brandished a mechanical device at me, claiming it would fire a guided, armour-piercing dart at me. Again, having no time for this I ignored his threats, he saw this and threw the device at my face, fleeing to a secret escape chute. The device turned out to be the innards of a clock. I followed him through the chute and found him to have used the time he made to make himself somewhat more capable in combat.

sa 010


This suit was apparently called a Waldo and at 9/12 it was a final boss of little difficulty. And that was it. The end of Space Assassin.

I will conclude this read-through with an image of the final paragraph, the big ‘turn to 400’ moment, I can say nothing that conveys how remarkable it is that comes close to seeing it for yourself.

sa 022



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