Creature of Havoc – Part 1

coh 001


Creature of Havoc

You begin this adventure not knowing where you are or who you are. All you know is that you are some kind of creature of instinct, understanding little. During the course of the adventure, it may be possible for you to begin to control your bestial nature, to find out more about yourself, and even to learn your destiny. But even if you know all this, success is by no means certain, for the traps and terrors of Trolltooth Pass are many … Are you ready — to become the Creature of Havoc?

All of the books I have read so far have kicked off with a small introduction to the story, Creature of Havoc sets the tone for the adventure with a 19-page description of the current events in the Trolltooth Pass, which is where our adventure is set. As the opening blurb states, you don’t know who or what you are in this book, and so the introduction actually offers you no information which is specific to you or your situation at all. So I think we’ll go straight into the adventure with this one (I also can’t be bothered to condense 19 pages of historical storyline!). However, what we will do is do some geography as I have a couple of maps to present you with.

Creature of Havoc is actually the first book I have read for this blog that features one of those nice colour maps on the inside cover, the map here illustrating the Trolltooth Pass.

coh 008

To expand on that I have scanned in a map from the novel, The Trolltooth Wars, which shows exactly whereabouts the region is situated within Allansia in relation to other locations you may be more familiar with.

coh 006

The pain is unbearable! Page one begins with a description of what sounds like an awful, awful hang-over. A monstrous being rising from the dirty floor, painfully trying to open slitted eyes to the light and clutching a pounding head. It seems I have awoken in a dark, rocky passageway, my body has great bulk and my back bristles with spines and walking seems to be almost a new experience to me. As I became accustomed to my surroundings it seemed like further along the passage, there was something alive, and so I trundled towards it to investigate. It should be noted here that some decisions were totally out of my hands at this point, whatever this creature was, it didn’t have full control over its actions or choices.

At the end of the passage, I found a huddled shape on the ground.

coh 004

I was both unable to distinguish what emotion the sight of this small, terrified figure instilled in me, and I had a similar inability to identify that he was holding a dagger, the text merely describing it as a ‘sharp, shiny shaft‘. Ultimately though, his fate did belong to me and despite being given the wonderfully evil option of bringing my foot down on his neck I made the choice to try and convey to him that I meant no harm. In reaching out a hand I scared the guy to death and he swiped out at my scaly arm with his weapon for 2 points of Stamina damage. Losing control of my actions again I gripped the dwarf by the neck and squeezed the life out of him, talons digging into his flesh. He managed one feeble, final blow of his own as he died, taking off a further point of Stamina. Before moving on I took a moment to check his body, but with no real concept of anything, this was not exactly a lucrative task. What I assume to be gold pieces were described as ‘circular pieces of shiny metal‘ and tossed aside. Curiously though, a piece of leather on him caught my eye. Almost like a dog, I put it on my arm, I put it on my head – it was coming with me. The text told me that I may find it useful in the future as it had writing inscribed upon it, page 337 was the key reference to read it, but all that was there was gibberish. Hopefully I will be taught to read later in my adventure.

To further illustrate my lack of control, my progress was now decided by a dice roll; 1-3 would send me east, 4-6 would send me west. A roll of 2 sent me east into a confrontation with a stout-looking door, a roll of 1 sent me stomping back to the west as I obviously didn’t feel like kicking a door down right now. The corridor winded back and forth into the darkness, I bumped into the harsh rocks numerous times but was protected by tough scales. Air temperature was falling and steamy snorts shot from my nostrils. Ahead it seemed like there was light and noises, but rather than act with the caution I thought this deserved, it actually spurred me on to discover the encounter. Teeth bared and claws readied I stormed  into an open chamber, roaring at the not-at-all copyright infringing Hobbits which sat around a camp fire. A feeling of hatred filled me as I picked up one of the unarmed Hobbits (5/6) and killed him in two attack rounds. This was possible without a Luck roll as special combat rules apply to me in this book due to my immense physicality; I only take 1 Stamina damage if hit and if I roll a double of any value my enemy is insta-killed. The Hobbit was smacked up-side the head with a double-4 roll in round two. I liked that.

The remaining two Hobbits were shouting frantically at each other, but I couldn’t distinguish their words at all. A Luck roll determined my choice for next opponent and as I’d rolled a very solid character (11/20/12), this was no issue in completing successfully. I swiped at the Hobbit wearing a red-robe, sending him to the ground screaming and clutching his face. Before I could finish him off though a sting in my back sent me spinning round to see the second Hobbit dressed in armour who had just stabbed me in the back for 2 Stamina. He was a bit tougher at 8/9, but another double-roll insta-gibbed him in round one. I could get used to this. I could also get used to eating my defeated opponents as the robed Hobbits sweet, juicy flesh restored my Stamina to its Initial 20.

Trudging off to the west and then to the north, squeaky, fluttering things burst out of the walls and swarmed around me before disappearing into the dark. We can’t stop here, this is bat country! They caused me no problem though and I soon arrived at a solid door in the end of the passageway which a roll of 3 meant I decided to smash to pieces. Behind the shattered remains of the door was a room lit with torches, the floor strewn with dead bodies and filthy straw. The bodies were of humans and what sounded like orcs, but before any further investigation could be made I was dumb-founded by seeing a small piece of flesh vanish from the leg of one of the bodies! Rolling a 3 meant that I had to check the bodies further and a quick poke to the leg of the corpse resulted in a shrieking noise and a number of shapes faded into view.

coh 003

What I was witnessing was a group of Flesh-Feeders, these awful little things turn invisible whilst they eat and I had interrupted them gorging themselves on the remains of the conflict that had occurred in this room. Another conflict was about to take place though as all three of them attacked me, but being rather small, scraggy things, they all died without landing a blow on me. When the dust settled, I tried some of the flesh of the dead orcs and spat it out in disgust, clearly not as tasty as Hobbit. Checking the possessions of the dead I discarded anything I didn’t understand, which turned out to be pretty much everything. However, one thing caught me out, a glass phial fell from the pack of one of the dead. It contained a swirling purple gas which was released as the phial un-stoppered itself as it fell. From the bottle came a rising purple gas which formed a face of a wisened old man who spoke to me, his speech interpreted just the same as all words have been so far – as gibberish. When he finished the gas sucked itself back into the bottle and it re-stoppered itself. An instant later it faded into nothing! Oddly, this was seen as a good find and I was given 2 Luck points, but what I had gained or learned was a mystery to me at this stage!

Interestingly, I was now able to chose my next destination and so I headed out of the chamber to the east along a dark, dusty passageway. Glowstone in the walls lit my way, lighting up ahead of me as I walked and then fading away behind me, almost as though someone was watching my progress. I retracted my claws and rubbed my belly in confusion. Carrying on I decided not to eat the small, dead furry thing I spotted on the ground (good advice for life there, kids) and continued to take a westward turn at a junction. The temperature continued to drop as I walked further through the light of glowstone and on taking a northern turn-off in the passage I came to a door which I promptly smashed open. I’m such a monster I don’t think I even bothered trying the handle.

What appeared to be some sort of work room awaited me, tall wooden boxes lay against the walls and metal tools lay on top of big wooden tables. I decided to have a look in these ‘tall, wooden boxes’. Or as you and I may call them, ‘coffins’…

coh 007



3 thoughts on “Creature of Havoc – Part 1

  1. Brad says:

    Interesting post. I am seriously considering starting a blog on Fighting Fantasy, but I’m actually not a long-time fan. I only recently discovered them after watching some charity live-streams.

    Any tips for Fighting Fantasy blogs and how to attract this niche section of WordPress?

  2. Just write for yourself, you have to enjoy doing it and stick at it. I’ve just been lucky enough over the year or so I’ve done this to find a small following of people who like re-living the stories just as much as I do. It is niche, but the books still mean enough to give you a ready made audience and your blog could offer a unique perspective as a new fan.

    • Brad says:

      Thanks for the suggestions. I’m considering creating a roleplaying blog, focusing on everything from RPGs such as Skyrim, tabletops a la Dungeons & Dragons and gamebooks – of course.

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