The Shamutanti Hills – Conclusions

I guess you could say I got through that by the skin of my teeth. A fair portion of the book I managed unarmed, which is as good a way to test the magic system as I can imagine! It has to be said though that this was a very easy book, and judging by comments around the community, that’s a view shared by the majority. I hadn’t realised this was basically a tutorial for the Sorcery series though, I blazed through it in a couple of short sittings and was a bit dumbstruck that I’d reached the end when I did, especially given the above-average page count. I can now see that a lot of those pages make up different spell-casting scenarios and the like. It certainly seemed like I missed a hell of a lot though, a lot of John Blanches excellent art-work hinting at many scenes and encounters that passed me by. Some of the more surreal style of figures reminded me of the gorgeous art in Amanita Designs outstanding Botanicula.

s1 005

A user comment has noted that I took an ‘unconventional’ route, the fact that it’s even possible to take an unconventional route is a great boast for the books re-playability.


My desire to give the iOS version a go has certainly increased having played the paper version, I really enjoyed exploring the hills and would love to know what else is out there. Perhaps I should be getting an iPad mini instead of a Nexus 7 afterall… Regardless, Shamutanti Hills really is a relaxing stroll in the countryside for the most part and for that reason its a lovely experience to immerse yourself in. Titannica notes that the manticore lair is a step-up in difficulty compared to the rest of the book though and I would agree, but I got really very lucky indeed in picking my route as it seems I avoided some very nasty things that I would probably have been killed by given that I entered with a Stamina of about 8 I think.

As I mentioned earlier, I certainly wouldn’t have made it out alive without my magic and I was able to use the magic system without needing to cheat. The naming system gives you enough clues to suggest what they spells do if you can’t remember, but where I will come unstuck in the future books is remembering that certain items are required for some spells. Other new systems I really enjoyed too, the food and sleep aspect dragged me into the word a bit more, I do like that element of realism in games though, when I knew Fallout: New Vegas had a Hardcore mode that did the same, I was straight on it from my first play-through. The Libra system was flexible, although the issue of restoring my Skill without a weapon was a bit of a grey area, as was the ending where I was treated by the Svinns healer. Do I get to restore my Skill or not? The idea of continuity between books is something I haven’t experienced before, but I’m very interested to see how my new friend Flanker helps out and what the key the Svinns gave me allows me to do.

Before I draw this to a close, a few of my favourite pieces of art. Jann featured in what I thought was a wonderful fantasy image, but another beautiful scene really caught my eye of some sort of pixie creatures hanging out by a body of water.

s1 009

This guy represents my experience with the book really, it’s cute and friendly looking, just begging for a hug.


s1 004


But then this guy represents what I am being warned I’ll experience in the next book…

s1 010


That’s just terrifying!

So if the Shamutanti Hills equals The Shire, I guess I’m heading to Mordor!


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