I’m sticking my neck out on this Facebook fad

Just a small piece of shameless self-promotion here, letting you know that I’ve created a Facebook page for this here blog. A ‘Like’ would be appreciated, and there should now be a little button down the side here so you can do just that without having to leave the page. All my scans have been uploaded to the Facebook page, so you do have some incentive to go visit it if you fancy idly browsing the artwork. Getting more people involved makes this far more interesting for me and hopefully helps boost the community of Fighting Fantasy fans that are out there. Share some images of demons, dragons and human sacrifice with your friends, they’ll think you’re totally metal! Just don’t share any of that crappy Starship Traveller art or you’ll lose friends, lovers and respectability.

You can of course continue to get all updates and plenty of extra bits on Twitter too.

So yeah, check it out here.

Next book will be started shortly!


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