The dreaded Snow Witch of Allansia plans to dominate the world!

Book number 9, good old eBay does it again!


After the slight diversion we took with Scorpion Swamp, I’m thankful to say that this is a straight-forward, Livingstone-penned adventure with no odd experimental qualities. It is one I remember absolutely nothing about though with regard to the content of the adventure itself, so that I’ll be going into afresh. The only thing I do remember about it is that it was one of two Fighting Fantasy books that my primary school had in its small library collection, I remember Mrs. Broadbents class had a section of shelves at the back where I was delighted to find Caverns of the Snow Witch and Beneath Nightmare Castle. And that really is all I remember about it! Having said that though, the reviews archive is very positive about this title, so hopefully I haven’t forgotten the contents for a reason.

A cool little fact that I just learned regarding the story is that this book forms something of a prequel to Forest of Doom as the quest for King Gillibran Ironhelm III‘s war hammer actually begins in this title. Consider yourself enlightened. Also, this book originally appeared in an abridged form in the 1984 magazine, Warlock, issue 2. As ever, Titanica has more information on this than I’m happy to copy and paste for you here.




So, as I have so little to say about this one, let’s leave it there and I’ll get reading…


One thought on “The dreaded Snow Witch of Allansia plans to dominate the world!

  1. That cover always freaked me out a bit.

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