A little help from my friends

Since starting this thing, the most fun I’ve had is locating the old books in the wild and I feel as I get further into the series, this will become increasingly infrequent. But fortunately, for now I’m not forced to eBay at every turn, especially since I have a minion keeping his beady eye out for me in lands afar. And indeed, he’s come up with the goods, finding what must be a very well traveled 1989 copy of Temple of Terror in a Youth Hostel out in the Shetlands; a place once famous for ponies, but now for a quest to retrieve the five dragon artifacts.


To reach me, the book is doing something like this –


I believe he has however sent it to me in packaging labelled in a way which suggests that I touch monkeys, or more specifically ‘juggle their balls’. I hate you, Mark.


One thought on “A little help from my friends

  1. […] Almost two years ago now I was contacted by a friend who was travelling up in the Shetlands, a text asking if I had a copy of Fighting Fantasy 14? I did not, and so I was posted a copy of Temple of Terror for your, and my reading pleasure. It’s only now that my trail through the Fighting Fantasy books has caught up to speed and I am happy to be back on familiar territory of Allansia. But first, a few details more about this copy of the book. […]

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