Steve Jackson’s Sorcery!

Here’s an exciting one then, for me anyway, Steve Jackson’s Sorcery. I always had these books in the back of my mind for the blog, but always envisaged them filling in when I’d run out of books to read in the main series. But the allure to read them proved too strong as I have never actually read them before! They always avoided me back in the day, but seeing the full set for £10 shipped on eBay was too good an opportunity to miss this time around. So there you have it, the full Sorcery set, ready and raring to go. Had a quick flick through and it appears I have to actually learn how to cast spells for real to play them? I may have misunderstood. I’m unsure how to fit them into my reading schedule though… I guess I should do them one after the other as a series, but do I interrupt reading through the main series to do so? Who knows! We’ll soon see I guess…





3 thoughts on “Steve Jackson’s Sorcery!

  1. Having a similar dilemma here – trying to blog about them in order but where does Sorcery fit in? I don’t think I can bear to wait til the end…

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