Deathtrap Dungeon – Conclusions


Messed that one up then, didn’t I? But as a Twitter follower handily reminded me, at least I made it through alive! A few peeps handily chipped in when I was reading the book to point out where I had screwed up as well, so that was helpful! Ha!

Deathtrap Dungeon is probably one of the purest forms of Fighting Fantasy, a straight-forward dungeon crawl, and a tough one at that. A lot of secrets obviously remain undiscovered to me as I missed two sets of jewels and the way to use them as well. I felt the tension of getting through this one much more intensely than the other books I’ve read so far, I was umm-ing and ahh-ing over decisions constantly, every choice I made always felt like the wrong one (and mostly, this was the case!). Presumably this reflects on the fact it is one long dungeon crawl and you’re more than aware that this is a pretty dire situation you’ve gotten yourself into. Pretty much any decision you make could potentially kill you; there is no inn to rest in, there’s no shops to browse, you simply find your way out or you don’t. Special mention must go to the wild-goose chases I followed attempting to obtain the diamond though, annoying at the time, but now I think it’s pretty genius! You giant bastard, Livingstone 😉

Personally speaking, I prefer the books with a little more flavour to them, City of Thieves being a prime example as there is so much life in that environment. There is also a bad guy. You could argue that the Bloodbeast is Deathtrap Dungeons big-evil, but you only find out about it after a lengthy stretch into the book. Maybe the dungeon itself is the bad guy, but without a Balthus Dire or a Zanbar Bone, once the introduction is over, there is little in the way of story other than your encounter with Throm. As far as negatives, that’s about as far as I can go really as it was a great book and a famous adventure for a good reason, the dungeon is an awesome puzzle to try and crack! Of all my bad-endings so far, this is the one I feel most compelled to try and rectify at some point… and if you saw the amount of un-played games on my Steam list at the moment, you’d realise why doing that would be a big deal.

For some reason, this piece of art always stuck in my head, I’m sure there are many instances of ‘angry orc swinging something’ through the Fighting Fantasy series, I will attempt to keep a watch out for them and see how many I can spot!

dd 018


Anyway, if you want to know how to fail at Deathtrap Dungeon, here is the map for you!





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