Deathtrap Dungeon – Part 2

Having just taken a fairly useless manticore related tip on-board, we rejoin the trip through Baron Sukumvits dungeon down in a cellar-like area containing where a number of rather large mushrooms are growing. Offered the option to eat some of them, I figured I would think twice about eating wild, raw mushrooms at the best of times, let alone in within something called ‘Deathtrap Dungeon’ and so I left them well alone. A long tunnel lay ahead, several hundred meters worth, and it led up to a trapdoor in the ceiling above me, behind which I could hear muffled voices. Fairly sure these voices wouldn’t belong to anyone friendly, I smashed through the trapdoor with sword at the ready and going straight into swift combat with two goblins. Two doors, a table, chairs and a cupboard was all that remained. In the cupboard I found a mallet and ten iron spikes. I took the westerly door taking me into a passage with a door on the right side that I decided to check out.

dd 011

Atop an ornate plinth sat a human skull with jewels inserted into the eye sockets, loaded crossbows sat in the wall next to it and a couple of wooden balls sat next to the entrance. Summoning all of my macabre fun-fair skills, I hurled one of the balls at the skull, knocked it flying off its perch and stepping cautiously into the room, was able to claim its topaz eyes. Now, I’ve seen Raiders of the Lost Ark, so I decided against placing the skull back on its stand and crept out of the room, carrying the skull with me. Without a single crossbow bolt being launched, I left with my new shineys.

dd 015

Taking a sharp right turn, I was walking through a hall of mirrors from which a hideous, multi-faced, multi-limbed creature emerged from within the mirror itself. A pan-dimensional mirror demon from another plane come to claim my spirit as her own; how the hell did Sukumvit hire her? Anyway, an attempt to smash the mirror failed and so I had to take her down with my sword in a straight fight, the sword worked much better on her than the mirrors and she fell. My only reward, other than keeping my life, was a rather cool piece of art as I was offered the option of ascending one of two staircases further along the corridor.

dd 013


Predictably, the right staircase collapsed under me, injuring my leg, but I was able to continue up to the top anyway. In the passageway before me I found the bodies of two orcs, someone else must be close by. Whoever had killed them had missed the necklace of teeth one of the orcs was wearing though, I took a gamble and tried it on to find it was an amulet of strength, giving +1 Skill and Stamina. Their killer was quickly found though as around the next corner I met one of the hulking barbarians who entered the dungeon with me at the start. A brief stand-off ensued, but eventually an understanding was formed and an agreement to work as a temporary team was reached. I have to say though, I now see it’s an eye-patch, but I always used to think the guy was wearing sunglasses.

dd 009


Heading west, we came across a large pit which represented a test of trust. He offered to lower me down on his rope, but I suggested he go first. Being a nice sort, I decided not to allow him to plummet to his death and carefully lowered him down before abseiling down myself. Throm was his name and we were now officially BFFs. At the bottom of the pit a tunnel led off into the dark, we followed it until a stone ledge appeared in the gloom. Two leather bound books sat on top of it, not being one for literature, Throm voiced his disdain and wandered off. I on the other hand took a look. One book was red and contained biological field-notes on the bloodbeast, which I assume can’t be far off now. The other book was black and on opening it I found that the pages had been hollowed out and inside was a small vial of liquid. Knocking it back I was rewarded with 2 Luck as it was a potion of trap detection, surely quite a boon in a place like this. Me 1 : Throm 0.

A little more walking and a couple of dead cave trolls later and the passage opened out to a huge cavern covered in stalactites. Searching the area turned up a leather bag but instead of a wonderous lost treasure, a little mouse ran out over Throms fingers and into the dark. Throm thought this was bloody hilarious and laughed his giant barbarian head off. Unfortunately the booming laughter started off a cave-in, rocks fell from the ceiling, stalactites crashed around us and only a successful Luck roll prevented us from being trapped in there. I told Throm to stop being such a dick and we moved on.

At the end of the tunnel was a large wooden door which Throm opened up and we went through. The door swung shut behind us as we entered a large, torch-lit chamber. Sitting alone in a big ornate chair was a dwarf, I love the artwork for him, probably my favourite in-book illustration from this title. He congratulated us on our progress, but reminded us that only one can conquer the dungeon and only one of us would be allowed to proceed. His trials would decide who that would be… in part three!

dd 016






3 thoughts on “Deathtrap Dungeon – Part 2

  1. Rhodoferax says:

    You’re doomed.

    In the goblin room, you have to take the north door to find a couple of valuable items.

  2. doubleblue02 says:

    Iain McCaig says that the ‘Trial Master’ image you love is his favourite b&w illustration from the FF series. He produced so many high quality images though that I find it hard to pick just one. And, I will always think of Throm as a beefcake dude wearing shades in a dungeon – a great 80’s vibe!

  3. KnuckleheadFlow says:

    I’ve got a couple of friends, known them for 30 years. I’ve never read deathtrap dungeon, but they’ve been baffled by and laughing at the barbarian wearing aviators for years. I now know the truth but don’t have the heart to tell them.

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