City of Thieves – Conclusions

I bloody loved this one. I’m learning that fond memories of Fighting Fantasy don’t always result in the experience matching up equally, but in this case, expectations were exceeded! As I’ve already discussed through the read-through, the atmosphere and art of the book are what make it so special, I want to carry on exploring Port Blacksand and find out all it’s filthy secrets. If only they could set a videogame in Port Blacksand with the Assassins Creed engine (but with none of that futuristic garbage)! I honestly can’t remember if any of the later books take us back there, but I would love to have another book set in Blacksand, as I told Ian Livingstone myself…


…Twitter is great. So, you know what to do, get onto @ian_livingstone and tempt him!

Mr. Livingstone also provided some feedback on an image I posted on Twitter from City of Thieves. In an area I had missed on this playthrough, I noted a piece of artwork which appeared to feature a down-on-his-luck Rod Stewart.

cot 008



I don’t really have anything to criticise in the book, perhaps Zanbar Bone’s tower could have been given a little bit more page space, but the star of the show was of course Port Blacksand, so it’s understandable that the spotlight was put on that. The wonderful Ian McCaig art did bring back one horrible childhood memory though through the following image, which I managed to miss in my play-through, but I did find rather disturbing all the same. Something of a Yubaba look going on here I think.

cot 017

Aside from the setting think one of the things that made the book so fun was the amount of rewards on offer. If Blizzard have taught us anything, it’s that it’s fun to get loot. Personally tailored chainmail, new boots, brooches… I was getting new stuff on a regular basis and it made progression through the port all the more pleasurable. And as a handy segue, you can see my progression in my amazing map just below.


So, there we go, a happy ending and a happy reader. And you know what? It’s only bloody Deathtrap Dungeon next!



One thought on “City of Thieves – Conclusions

  1. Wayne Mulley says:

    Best Book EVER! 😀

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