Will you and your crew be doomed to roam uncharted space forever?

Starship Traveller was a book I was very unsure of back when I first read it. I don’t want to say I wasn’t a fan of Sci-Fi as I had R2-D2, C3PO and Boba-Fett on my 5th birthday cake, but I was always more attracted to the swords and sorcery end of fantasy. It was more Hero Quest than Space Hulk, although that did change as I got older. I particularly have fond memories of the Megadrive/Genesis game, Starflight, which is a crew-based space exploration game, originally for home computers and now on GOG. Anyhow, Starship Traveller was never one that caught my attention at the time as I scanned up and down the book lists at the start of every Fighting Fantasy.

So, cut to my mother coming home one day to present me with a brand new Fighting Fantasy book that she had found in a charity shop. My ungrateful face falling on realising that the book was of course Starship Traveller. I think it may have been one of the early versions of the book, similar to what I have here now, pre zig-zag! But still, I wasn’t that impressed. However, once I got sat down to read it, I was actually quite taken with the crew system and the different atmosphere the book had compared to the others, I actually ended up enjoying myself. It never did unlock a love for Star Trek though, which it obviously draws a lot of influence from.

This is pretty much all I can remember about the book! Looking through it now, it’s in very good condition with a clean adventure sheet, no notes, but rather odd to see a Fighting Fantasy book without the customary green spine; this one is blue! It cost £1.50 back in the day, that’d barely get you a bottle of Coke nowadays… I’m looking at the illustrations though and I think we’re hitting a low with this one. They’re pretty stylised, that I can tell, but I can also tell that they’re pretty damn ugly. I won’t be ordering prints of any of these to frame, that’s for certain.


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