The Forest of Doom – Conclusions

Another bad ending then! Nevermind, we’ll chalk up a few more victories along the way I’m sure. At least I got out alive, just about anyway, that Wyvern very nearly had me in the end.

I have to say though, despite my memories of this book being fond ones, it’s probably the least enjoyable of the four I have done so far. Perhaps I just had a lot of bad luck though as it did seem that I missed an awful lot of encounters and locations. As I read through the book I noted a vast number of illustrations of events and people I never witnessed; so many items I took or found, I never discovered a situation to use them in. I seemed to be punished way more often than I was rewarded for anything, especially the Shape Changer at the start; a very tough, but pointless fight.

The whole thing felt a little diffuse, despite the attempt to lock in a more detailed backstory than the first two books, I never really felt in touch with my goal, near the end I actually forgot I was looking for a hammer at all. But perhaps the book does offer re-playability, maybe a second read-through could be done at some point. At the end of the book, this was obviously a given option as I was given the chance to return to page one. It’s an interesting way to get you to complete your map of the forest and find all the secrets within, but while it ties your adventure together as a whole it would also break immersion somewhat if you were to meet enemies you had already killed etc. Perhaps you could make up your own rules at that stage. Here’s my route through anyway, might hang onto this one in-case I go back into Darkwood Forest one day…

Before I go, I’ll also bring up my seemingly customary bitching about a piece of artwork. At the start, I mentioned the odd traits of the illustrator for this book and I have to question his familiarity with human anatomy. Perhaps someone can help me figure out exactly what sort of muscle structure this guy has, as I’m not sure it’s one that you and I share!


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