The Forest of Doom – Part 2

Out onto the grassy plains I stepped, we were now free from the forested area that the adventure began in and the well trodden pathways through the vegetation were now guiding me forwards. Heading past a few northerly paths, I progressed in an easterly direction before eventually being forced to take a northern route. My initial purchases from Yaz came up good for me here though as the vegetation I was walking through started to wrap around me and pull me down, but thankfully my Plant Control potion was able to convince the Tangleweed to release me before it could suck all the juices out of me, or so I presume.

Through this encounter I made my way further north to find myself at the bank of a flowing river where I met a centaur. My pacifist leanings led me into conversation with him and I soon found him to be a quite pleasant chap who was glad to meet someone who wasn’t trying to kill him. Regardless, the cheeky swine still wanted 3gp to carry me across the river. I didn’t have 3gp, being nice gets you nowhere it seems, should have ended him. So, I was left to cross the river myself, which inevitably resulted in bad things, but not as bad as it could have been. I was subjected to a violent leech attack, which cost me one of my Provisions as I had to tip salt on the thing to get it off. Something which suggests to me that my meals consist entirely of salt. Interesting.

After this, I decided to set up camp for the night and was woken in the dead of night by howling sound that only served to draw my attention to the entirely unrelated giant spider that was crawling through the trees towards me. No problem to me though, the thing was slain without landing a single blow on me, and I’d just woken up and everything.

My next discovery was a cave which emitted a snoring sound. A little tippy-toeing helped me discover a sleeping cave troll, complete with obligatory giant club. The guy was sleeping close to a big leather bag though, which I intended to take. Again, my astute purchases did me proud here as the Net of Entanglement proved its quality by gracefully flying through the air and encompassing the cave troll into an angry, struggling ball. I ran from the cave, giggling like a school-girl, to investigate my booty. A slightly disappointing 5gp and a brass bell were in there, but hopefully that bell will save my ass at some point.

Wandering through the pathways to the west, I arrived at a well. Investigation led me to find a ladder running down, which duly went to climb and then fell down, cutting my head in the process. A torchlit passage ran off to the side however and following this brought me to a T-junction at which I took a right turn. A curtain hung across the tiny passage, which revealed a small gremlin when pulled back. The little fellow was examining a red clay figure of a human hand, which he strangely smashed as soon as he spotted my entrance. A difficult fight ensued as I had to knock 3 Attack Point off every round due to the cramped conditions, but given the fact he was a tiny gremlin and I a mighty hero, I destroyed him. My reward came in the form of a medallion which I took from his neck, apparently worth 9gp. Woo.

I climbed back into the tiny passageways and began to crawl back down to the T-junction where I would explore  the other end of this small underground network… In part three I will anyway…


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