Bag of dog crap

This evening I returned from my trip away to see some friends with no new treasure, the charity shops of Sowerby Bridge could only offer me a 2004 Legend of Zagor, which remained on the shelf. Sorry, ‘charity’, but not good enough! However, my eBay purchases were sat waiting for me on top of my fridge when I came through the door. And how lovingly wrapped they were too! Initially though, I did wonder what the hell I’d been sent when I saw this –


Then inside was this –


And finally, this!


Both in great condition, especially Forest of Doom, which I’d be surprised if it’s ever been read it’s so perfect. Where have people been keeping these things over the years? Anyway, the forest awaits, will get reading tomorrow. Although I have also just picked up Guild Wars 2… so I’m banking on not being distracted by it too much. Wish me luck there.



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