Who knows what monstrous creatures lie in wait?

Here we go then, round 2. Today’s eBay package was one I was very happy to receive, after finishing the first book, I was chomping at the bit to get going with the 2nd. I’ve recently splurged a load of cash on some guitar pedals from eBay, but this £1 package was the one I wanted to arrive first! And in lovely condition it is too, some people kept very good care of their books, not so much as a crease down the spine, let alone scribbles on the adventure sheet.

I have to be honest, until this one arrived, I couldn’t remember a single thing about it. The only thing that did stick in my head was a memory similar to one I had of Warlock of Firetop Mountain. My friend who introduced me to the books told me about the early titles and again, his thick northern accent led me to believe book two was called ‘Citadella Chaos‘. I just accpeted that ‘citadella’ was a word and moved on.

It actually only just struck me how many of the Fighting Fantasy books followed the same naming structure –

‘The x of y


Having looked through the book, a lot of the pictures again strike a chord and bring back certain events of the story, but I feel that will be a running theme as we go on. I’ll save the best ones for the read-through, which I intend to start on later this evening! Touching on the art is something I wanted to delve into a little here though as I elected to get the ‘dragon’ cover over the original because, despite my ‘old is good‘ statement, the original 1983 cover was pretty awful…

I mean… what is that black thing exactly? Looking on the Fighting Fantasy Wiki, the artist in question ‘Emmanuel‘ only did one Fighting Fantasy cover. I’m not bloody surprised.

If you’re reading, Emmanuel, no hard feelings, eh? 😉


One thought on “Who knows what monstrous creatures lie in wait?

  1. msgibbs says:

    i remember reading this book at school on late 1986 when I was just a kid. I was one of my favourites as it introduced me to fighting fantasy and sparked a crave that led me to collect all of the original book series.

    my favourite part of the book is the epic end battle with the demi-sorcerer balthus dire himself where you get to fight him with your sword and magic. the first time I got that far he trapped me under the map table and had his guards execute me.

    cool game book!

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