Three more on the pile!

Reached my days off work and pillaged the charity shops of Canterbury to see what I could find earlier today. I had a rather fine yield too as the Oxfam Books shop and a 2nd hand book shop I had never visited before turned up with the goods.


All three for £1 each and mostly in superb condition. Oxfam gave me City of Thieves and The Trolltooth Wars, Star Strider from the 2nd hand book shop. Oxfam rather oddly had two copies of The Trolltooth Wars, a book I have never read, one edition slightly older than the other. I took the older one, which had foil lettering on the cover and was priced on the back at £2.99, it was in slightly worse condition than its twin though which lacked the foil lettering and was priced at £3.99. Oxfam also had a copy of Forest of Doom, but being one of the 2003 editions, it remained on the shelf. Similarly, the 2nd hand place had a 2002 edition of Citadel of Chaos, but scholars of my last posts infographic know the score here…

Tomorrow, I’m heading over to Ramsgate and its juicy vein of charity shops waiting just waiting for my wallet syringe. This could end up being as much fun as reading them!


2 thoughts on “Three more on the pile!

  1. Carlos Barradas says:

    Like you I’m a big FF fan. Although I know this books from when i was a kid, reading them translated to my native Portuguese, I recently aquired the complete original 59 titles collection. Also I’ve been buying many other FF books and stuff whenever i find them on ebay.
    Needless to say i like your blog and have fun reading your posts.
    The motive I am writting this, is that when i find out about the bloodbeast print i said to my self “I want one of those”! But was heartbroken when i realized that it was sold out/ out of print.
    Now i know this may sound a very unusual request/favor but could you please scan or make a color copy of it and send it to me. I would glady pay for your trouble and time. I just want you to know that I would do the same for a fellow FF fan.
    Please consider my request.
    Thank you.

    Kind regards.

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