At the foot of Firetop Mountain

Didn’t really want to waste any time, so here we are with the good shit. Not to discredit Blood of the Zombies, but we’re here for the golden oldies aren’t we? So lets turn off Chinese Democracy and put Appetite for Destruction on.

My memories of this one are actually a bit sketchy, I honestly can’t place where I was when I first read it, but I think it was one of the earlier ones I read. As I’ve already covered, it wasn’t my first Fighting Fantasy book but it was one of the first ones I heard about when my friend first introduced the books to me back at school. Although I didn’t have a clue what a ‘warlock’ was at the time, now I know they are the ones that make Soul Stones, but as a kid discovering fantasy for the first time, I hadn’t a clue. It was a foreign language. In-fact, my lack of comprehension of the material combined with my friends thick northern accent resulted me in thinking the book was called ‘Warlocker Firetop Mountain’ for a while. Still sounded cool I guess, I ended up reading it after-all.

My copy came from eBay, which is going to be the likely source of these books as we go on, but I will be keeping my eyes peeled to try and get books from 2nd hand shops or other more interesting means. I was genuinely very excited to have this book back in my possession, looking through the artwork, seeing things I hadn’t seen in about 20 years was a strange feeling. Given the age of the book, I was very impressed by the condition of this one though, practically mint. No scribbling on the adventure sheet either, although to be honest, I hope to discover some books that have been ‘well-loved’ as we march on through the series. I know I was terrible at first in terms of writing in my books, even using ball-point pen at times, I had a habit of ticking off all the books I owned on the catalogue lists that were at the start of Fighting Fantasy books as well. My original collection was based around the editions with the ‘dragon cover’, but a few of the older versions made an appearance too if I’d been lucky in a charity shop with my parents. As a general rule of what I’m going to be looking for in this blog, I have produced this handy infographic –

Old is good, new is bad.

That’s all there is for now, but I will be posting news of updates on Twitter (@ff_project) to my 9 followers, one of which is me. Start small, eh?


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