Blood of the Zombies – Part 2

We pick up the story by taking a slight step back to Boris and Gregor, before I left, I was offered the chance to buy some items to take with me. I had $5 of Otto’s money remaining and all of the items on sale cost $1 each, so I could pick 5 of the following, a fairly cool ‘what would you take into a zombie war’ scenario.

Rubber gloves,
AAA Batteries,
Hack saws,
Steel pulleys,
Magnifying glass,
Knife sharpeners,
Packing tape,

I took the batteries, screwdriver, hack saw, scissors and packing tape and left the two behind.

I’m now realising that I can’t remember what I had armed myself with at this point, I believe I found a penknife in Otto’s room. Woopie. It would allow me to kill 1D6-3 zombies per attack round and I needed this as I would soon face my first zombies. Leaving the storage room I wandered into a laundry room where two zombies came bursting out of a cupboard, my now trusty penknife took them down to Chinatown. I’m not sure how you kill a zombie with a penknife, let alone two, but I managed it without taking damage myself. Thankfully though, I found some bullets stashed away, so at least I was half-way to being armed sufficiently for the challenges ahead.

Working my way through the empty corridors I found my way into a maintenance area stuffed full of zombies, another eleven bit the dust in all, but I did take a bit of damage this time. Even with the new baseball bat I had found (1D6 damage) a pack of 8 at once was impossible to clear without taking some hits. I think we have to forget here that I should really be infected after presumably taking a few bites, but we’ll over look this inconsistency. Searching the areas resulted in finding a grappling hook and a crowbar. On leaving the area I was back in the network of underground corridors and was promptly set upon by a group of three zombies, having dispatched them I was pleasantly surprised to find one of them was carrying a pistol (1D6+2), hooray for gunpowder!

A manhole cover led me down to a sewer section, which ultimately proved to be a dead-end, but did put me in combat with a hoard of zombie rats, which took a little work to kill off as there were fifteen of the swines. I also found a golden locket with a picture of a pretty blonde girl in it, apparently named Amy Fletcher. I’m guessing she’ll be an important character later on…

Moving back to the corridors I climbed a staircase to the ground floor of the castle, away from the stark, bare walls and into luxurious carpets and paintings. A series of paintings depicted previous inhabitants of the castle, with the latest resident being Yurr.

The man looks like a complete dick.

Anyway, further investigation of the portrait revealed a door hidden behind it, and behind that was a shotgun (1D6+5) and a few boxes of shells. Groovy!

Moving on through the castle, many more zombies fell, but I did infact succumb to my second death. A zombie in a hoodie threw a grenade at me and as I wasn’t wearing a flak jackets (must have missed that one) I had to perform a dice roll, I think I got a 1 and took the full blast to the chest, my adventure was over. But a bit of page flicking restarted my adventure and all was well. I then took out my frustrations on a pack of seventeen attack dogs who I blew to pieces with a grenade and a few shotgun shells to get to some keys; my character is a cold-hearted bastard, but now he has a bunch of keys.

Things quickly got cinematic as I ascended a spiral staircase to the top of a clock tower, rising up high above the castle. Following me though was a zombie with some explosives who made his presence known at the top.

Digging through the coal in the maintenance area earlier had earned me a grappling hook and rope, this was just as well as I needed to get the hell out of this clock tower pretty sharpish. Cut to the scene of me heroically smashing through the clock face and sailing down the exploding clock tower on a rope to land roughly on the roof of the castle, showered with debris and bits of zombie. From the roof I could see a timely arrival of a sports car driven by Yurr, pulling into the courtyard below, his zombies alerted to my presence by the explosion, screaming and pointing in my direction. Things weren’t going to be so quiet anymore.

Getting out of sight seemed a pretty good option, so a nearby skylight offered an escape route back into the castle. Crashing down through the glass onto a bed below, I found myself in what appeared to be Yurrs bedroom, scavenging for anything useful before I was found, I grabbed a few items including a lab coat. It wasn’t long before I was discovered though as zombies started pouring into the bedroom and of course were destroyed by my awesome shotgun. But outside the room, I came across someone who wasn’t a zombie, Boris had obviously been doing some exploring of his own and was being chased by a horde of twenty seven zombies! A couple of grenades thinned their numbers, the shotgun finished them off. Boris was badly injured and in his dying breaths managed to tell me that Otto and Gregor were dead, the zombie uprising had begun, Yurr was preparing to unleash his undead army and I alone had to end them NOW.

And that is where my adventure rests for now… 107 zombies, 15 rats and 17 dogs slain… I’m being hunted… Yurr still at large… exciting!


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