Terrible things are happening in Goraya castle…

A week has past and this still seems like a reasonably good idea, so I shall plow on and talk about my experiences so far with the new book. I’m thinking of this as a bit of a test run before I get down to the older stuff that is the reason why I’m doing this blog in the first place.

I can only vaguely remember my last encounter with a physical Fighting Fantasy book, I have had a go at the iOS version of Deathtrap Dungeon, which was actually done pretty well I thought, but in terms of an actual book, it would have been number 54, Legend of Zagor, published back in 1993. And I don’t think I even finished it. But skip forward 19 years and here we go again. I first heard of the series being ressurected through following Ian Livingstone on Twitter and then the Official Fighting Fantasy website. Being something I so fondly remembered, this was a project I had to get behind and so come release day last weekend, I went out to a brick n’ mortar shop and paid for a copy with cash money. Old school!

Suffice to say, I wasn’t particularly impressed with Waterstones’ effort. A single copy tucked away in the childrens section under ‘L’. No fanfare, nothing, not even a copy in the ‘New Books’ section. For something so iconic, it seemed a little strange they wouldn’t attempt to drum up even a little bit of noise. I’m sure they could have sold more than that single copy if they had wanted to. Not to mention making me feel a bit like a pedophile for hanging around the Peppa Pig tomes.

Over the past week I’ve been reading it here and there, not wanting to rush it, but also distracted by real life. Work takes it’s toll, and I’m also trying to play Borderlands on PC, read The Dark Tower, keep up to date with Breaking Bad and play with my new toy. Isn’t she pretty?

In the next post, we’ll have a look at the book itself…


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