Blood of the Zombies

Well, hello dear reader, this is the blog where YOU are the hero! Although that is actually a lie.

Today, I bought a copy of Ian Livingstones’ ‘Blood of the Zombies’, the newest addition to the Fighting Fantasy series that thankfully dodged the bullet of being called ‘Escape From Zombie Castle’ in an online poll at I began reading the introduction, iPhone dice app primed and ready as I realised I have no physical dice, when an idea hit me. A blog, which will no-doubt sit here untouched for a while, but a blog about Fighting Fantasy. The nature of which will be personal and hopefully an interesting little journey for myself and anyone who choses to read along.

This is more a note for myself, as the enthusiasm for the idea I’ve had was enough to make me put down the book and pick up my laptop to create this thing, so consider the current look a placeholder. I hope to return soon with more…


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